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Your path leads to us

Milestone Solicitors is a law firm with offices in central London. We help people at the most critical turning point in their lives – navigating the immigration and asylum system here in the UK. We use all our legal expertise and extensive resources to put things right.

Skilled Legal Advice When You Need It Most

Consulting a solicitor isn’t something you do everyday. We understand that clients come to us when they are vulnerable and unsure of the way forward. At the same time they may be completely unfamiliar with the UK legal system. We never forget this. It’s why we make a big effort to put you at your ease and to build your trust in our legal advice.

We’ve built our firm on the straightforward principle of helping people – particularly LGBTQI individuals seeking asylum in the UK and those in need of asylum advice.

How Our Immigration Solicitors Can Help You

We have an impressive track record in meeting the challenges of an ever-changing asylum regime. Our firm is fully accredited in immigration law by The Law Society. We represent asylum seekers on a privately funded basis as well as people in receipt of Legal Aid.

Milestone Solicitors is made up of a small, tightly knit group of legal experts. For the type of work we handle we think this really matters. It allows us to provide a level of personal service that’s not always available at larger firms, ensuring that you always feel protected and supported. In addition, because we work closely as a team we can rely on one another’s expertise when necessary to provide an exceptional level of advice and service.


Funding Your Case

Meeting expenses is a major consideration for anyone embarking on a legal case. The way solicitors charge is (understandably) closely monitored by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We take as flexible an approach as we can to funding so that we can advise as wide a range of people as possible. We’ll discuss in detail the alternative funding methods available to you at our initial meeting. Arrangements include conditional fee agreements (‘no-win, no-fee’), fixed-fee charging and hourly rates.

You can read more about how we charge on our fees page.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available in certain cases, including human rights, asylum, and immigration cases. Milestone Solicitors is an accredited Legal Aid firm. If you think you may qualify, call us on +44 (0) 203-500-0385 and we can go through the eligibility requirements with you personally. If you are eligible for legal aid, the government will pay for your legal advice and representation.

Our Services

Find out more about our specialist Asylum, Immigration, and LGBTQI services