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What we do

We are a niche London-based law firm dedicated to LGBTQI asylum seekers securing protection in the UK, entrepreneurs, qualified and skilled individuals, business representatives, EEA nationals and their family members.


Specialist Immigraition and Asylum Solicitors Lawyers London

We are a specialist group of lawyers dedicated to doing the best for our clients. Some of the people who come to us are experiencing traumatic immigration and asylum issues. Many are part of the LGBTQI community. They require the highest level of personal care and legal advice, and we provide it. We also represent senior professionals from overseas in immigration matters and a range of businesses seeking to ensure the legal status of key employees in the UK.

What we do

Our solicitors are serious about their work. The decisions we take and our ability to act quickly and decisively when necessary has a huge impact on the lives of our clients. So we don’t spread ourselves thinly across too many areas of law. Instead we focus on a select number of practice areas, continually developing our technical knowledge and expertise. We firmly believe this enables us to offer the most effective advice to our clients.

including LGBTQI asylum applications – Approved to advise under the UK’s legal aid regime, we are firmly committed to protecting the rights of asylum seekers, and have a particular expertise in handling asylum claims on behalf of LGBTQI individuals. We protect and represent people of diverse cultures from around the world. Our enviable record and success rate in achieving positive outcomes for our clients is a source of great pride to us all.

We advise small and medium-sized businesses in London and across the country on all aspects of UK business immigration law. We provide you with the confidence to employ and maintain the rights of skilled migrant workers within your organisation.

Whether you want to reunite with family, move in with a partner, launch a new career path, or become a British citizen, we can advise on the most appropriate route to a successful immigration application.

We have developed particular expertise in representing victims of domestic violence and victims of human trafficking and modern slavery in immigration and related applications.

In the course of our work as immigration and asylum lawyers we’ve seen first hand how the crimes of human trafficking and modern slavery have proliferated in recent years. The perpetrators of these crimes are the concern of the police and judicial authorities. At Milestone Solicitors it’s our job to help the victims – some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society.

What happens if your UK immigration status is dependent on a UK spouse or partner who is inflicting domestic violence on you? Men and women in this category are particularly vulnerable, fearing that if they leave an abusive partner they will be removed from the UK by the immigration authorities.

If you are in this situation, it’s crucial to seek urgent legal advice. There are rules in place to protect you.